Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Training and Visibility Improvement

An Industry Leader in Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Training and Improving the Visibility's to Every IT Product (6 packages in One Service for Your Sites, Applications and even your Family) Protech Future System is offering you flexible packages for all of your visibilities, speed optimisation and security testing

Protech Future System is MSC Status Company

Protech Future System is MSC Status Company

We have MDEC Malaysia Partnership and trust in our background, why not you be a part of our family?


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Protech Future System is Proudly rewarded and acknowledged by tons of big companies around the world

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  • Use public wireless hot-spots wisely

    Do’s and Don’ts 1) Don’t leave your laptop, tablet, or smartphone unattended in a public place. Even if you’re working on a secure Wi-Fi network, that won’t stop someone from taking your property or sneaking a peek at your device. 2) Do monitor your Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth in the home is an amazing feature on […]

  • Back up of your data

    Having a backup of your data is really important these specially when you know how many cyber attacks are occurring on individuals these days and the only way that can guarantee to fix your system is to reinstall and erase the system. You can keep your back up on cloud storages like One drive, Google […]

  • Drive-by attacks

    What are Drive-by attacks? Definition: A drive-by attack is the accidental download of an infection or virus (malware) onto your framework. A drive-by attack will use exploit on the browser, application, or working system that is obsolete and has a security issue. Example: You’re surfing your most loved news site. On it, there’s an online […]

  • Millions of Voter Records of US Midterm elections for sale on Dark Web

    Voters have enough of their information there for the hackers to steal their identity. Researchers have found out that there was at least one market on the dark web which had a list of voters database for sale which had millions of records and is available at affordable prices. It was found out that 20 […]

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